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A Lesson In Hanging Pendant Lights, with New Works

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Exploring different ways to hang the New Works Lantern Pendant Lamp in your home gives us all an insight into the ways in which we can approach hanging any modern pendant lamps in our favourite spaces.

Note : view our selection of the 10 best modern designer pendant lamps here.

Hang your lamp as a single light fixture.

With a soft, warm expression, lamps such as New Work’s Lantern Pendant create a wonderfully inviting feel when hung alone (and low) over a round dining table.

Also, if your dining table is part of an open plan kitchen-diner, a single pendant lamp over your table can help with zoning, creating a focus over the dining table.

Note that for safety, the bottom of the pendant should be hung at least 75cm from the table surface and 30cm from the edge of your table so that you and your guests don’t bump into it.

Arrange your pendant lamps in a cluster at varying heights.

If you’re looking to create a statement then you’ll find strength in numbers. For a simple art installation in a hallway, try clustering 3 (or more) of the one lamp at varying heights.

If you want to get more adventurous, lamps of differing shapes (like the George Nelson collection or Menu Cast lamps) can be paired together to great effect.

Create a linear pattern with your pendant lights

Contrary to the dynamic arrangement of varying shapes / sizes of pendant lights, there is something to be said for simple symmetry. Arranging a line of the same pendant (style and size) across a countertop, large dining table or bar, can create a clean and modern lighting design, that is both beautiful and functional.

Our tip for lining up pendant lights would be to keep the space between the bulbs around 75cm and stick to 3 lumieres where possible.

When it comes to lighting design in your home, it really pays to experiment. Think about the needs of your space and the environment you’re trying to create. Then, choose your lamps based on the shapes, sizes and materials you require.

Shop our full selection of modern designer pendant lights here, and if you have any questions about lighting design in your home, feel free to get in touch.

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