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Can a mattress help you sleep better?

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Sleep is one of three fundamental elements that form the basis of our overall health, alongside nutrition and exercise. Yet, we are all too quick to disregard the importance of it, continuing to sleep on terrible mattresses that don’t support us.

Does a good mattress really improve your sleep? Absolutely. In fact, a study by the Sleep Council showed that we would receive 42 extra minutes of sleep each night if we replaced an uncomfortable bed with a new one. That’s almost five more hours sleep a week!

Still not convinced? Read on to find out why a mattress helps you to sleep better.

Why does a mattress help you to sleep better?

  1. Helps to alleviate stress
  2. Reduces the need to toss and turn
  3. Eliminates back and neck pain
  4. It’s part of the perfect sleep parcel

1. Helps to alleviate stress

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Romsey double bed (@kiloran.home)

Stress can be a huge factor that stops us sleeping. We’ve all been there – tossing and turning in the night trying to shake off the worry of the working day. But did you know that sleeping better can help us to stress less? A good mattress can help to reduce worry, headaches and irritability – likely due to an increase in sleep quality, and a decrease in mattress inducing aches and pains.

Sleep experts also highlight the importance of reserving your mattress for sleeping. Reduce screen time, whether it be watching tv or replying to work emails. If you tend to use your bed as a home office, it can guide your brain to associate the space with work, encouraging those unwanted late night worries.

2. Reduces the need to toss and turn

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Are you prone to restless sleep? Once you’ve ruled out medical conditions such as sleep apnea and insomnia, you may feel at loss for answers. But it could be your mattress! When you lay on one side of your body for long periods of time, you reduce the blood flow to capillaries under your skin, stripping it of oxygen and nutrients. This is why we roll over! Mattresses that reduce pressure points can help to reduce this and give you a less restless nights’ sleep.

It’s worth noting that it might not be the type of mattress that’s causing you issues, but the mattress itself. A tired mattress can start to give you sleep and back issues – find out the signs to look out for in this handy blog.

3. Eliminates back and neck pain

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Lower back pain? A stiff neck that you can’t shake? It could be down to your mattress. If you’re sleeping on an ill-fitting mattress your spine may not be completely aligned. This can cause you to spend 49% less time in your REM sleep stage, which is critical for learning, memory, and overall health and well-being.

Sadly, there’s no one size fits all when it comes to mattresses – you’ve got to find what works for you. If you opt for a mattress that’s too soft, you’ll sink into it, meaning that your body isn’t correctly aligned. Too hard of a mattress and you’ll put too much pressure on the back of your head, your sacrum and your shoulders. Both of these options can be a cause of back problems.

Finding a mattress that fits the needs of both you and your partner can be a real challenge. Our Tweak mattress is completely customisable, and split down the middle so that you and your partner can build your own mattress based on your unique requirements.

4. It’s part of the perfect sleep parcel

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A good mattress isn’t the only thing that will help you to sleep well – and we’re not just talking about good sleep habits. If you’re upgrading your mattress, it might be time to get a new bed frame too. Not for aesthetic purposes, but because it can affect mattress lifespan. If your frame is old, and not doing the job, it can actually reduce the life of your mattress. In fact, in one study, a new bed helped to improve back pain by 48% and sleep quality by 55%.

How to choose the right mattress?

Regency double bed / Tweak double mattress

The way in which you sleep as well as what typically affects your sleep, will impact the kind of mattress you need. Here’s a run down of which mattress to opt for from our ranges:

  1. Side sleepers – you’ll want to opt for a medium – medium/soft mattress to keep your spine aligned will snoozing. Check out the Malborough 6000!
  2. Back sleepers – If you tend to sleep on your back, a firmer mattress is the one for you. Look for a mattress to support the lower back, like the Sealy Sonata.
  3. Stomach sleeper -As a stomach sleeper, you’ll need lots of support to prevent your back arching. Choose a firm/ medium-firm mattress like the Zest 1000.
  4. The couples mattress – Sleeping with a partner who has different sleep positions and preferences to you? Take a look at the Tweak mattress. It’s split down the middle so you can sleep side-by-side, but with a completely different mattress set up.

Find out more about choosing the right mattress for you here.

Ready to buy yourself a new mattress? Browse our Sleep collection. A carefully chosen range of three core mattress brands,  Tweak, Sealy, and our own Oak Furnitureland range- complemented by our Sleep experts who are ready on chat and in-store to guide you to your best night’s sleep.

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