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Christmas tree decorating trends

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With last year’s festivities and merriment put on hold, there’s undeniable excitement in the air for the upcoming Christmas season. As we prepare to welcome friends and family back into our homes, our houses are no longer for our eyes alone. That means this year, decor matters more than ever!

We’ve compiled a list of this year’s top trends for decorating your Christmas tree, to help you make the best first impressions this festive season.

Top Christmas tree decorating trends of 2021

Make use of metallics

Gainsborough footstool | @thegosfordmama

After gold was the featured metal of 2020, this year’s statements are all in silver; the cooler tones look at home beside winter whites. That said, gold accents are still ever-present and can help to add depth and contrast to your tree. Mix with silvers for a mixed-metal look or pair with moody blues like navy for a regal and sophisticated palette.

Inspired by nature

Parquet desk | @emiibedwell_

If you can’t have a real fir tree in your home, there are still lots of ways to bring the outside in this Christmas. Take inspiration from what we see around us in the winter. This can be anything from picking up pinecones to cute little felt robins as baubles! Anything that makes your tree feel like it’s straight out of an enchanted forest.

Monochromatic moments

St. Ives dining table | @mrs_roobottom_home

Using a monochromatic theme to accent your Christmas tree can help to tie your overall theme together. To keep your decor as crisp as the winter air, layer white hues with contrasting textures on top of each other to create a tree that brings the colder weather inside but leaves the temperature outdoors. Stick to silver and black decorations and you’ll nail that monochrome look.

Statement brights

Morgan sofa | @thenewbuilddream18

Jewel brights such as emerald and ruby are staples of the Christmas season, and aren’t going anywhere soon. Weave them into your Christmas tree decor with colourful baubles or twinkling LED lights.

Alternatively, if you’re leaning towards a neutral palette this year, you could try muted versions of Christmas classics like olive and terracotta tones.

Traditional tree time

Gainsborough sofa | @gemmanicoleathome

While there are new Christmas tree trends for 2021, the classics never get old. Don’t be afraid to go luxe and traditional with red, gold and silver decorations.

Plus, there’s nothing better than the smell of a real tree. Whether you go for the traditional Nordman or opt for a modern approach with the Fraser, fir trees are a Christmastime classic. Pair yours with nostalgic decor, vintage ornaments and personalised DIY baubles to accentuate the sparseness of the branches.

Dreaming of a white Christmas

St. Ives dining table | St. Ives large dresser | @mrs_roobottom_home

If a real tree isn’t for you, then make the most of the wide variety of styles you can choose from for artificial trees and invest in one with fake snow or even white branches.

There’s nothing more magical than a fresh fall of snow on Christmas, but with artificial trees that have that frosty look to them, you can bring the joy of a white Christmas to your home every day! Decorate your snow laden tree with some bright LED lights and a couple of colourful baubles to make their colours pop.

Festive maximalism

Highgate sideboard | @thediaryofanewbuild

From over-decorating and saturating your space with colour, to enlisting multiple trees across different rooms, maximalism is a chance to go over the top with festive joy. Create a loud and exciting aesthetic by playing around with brighter palettes, or mix and match patterns and textures. Go ahead and put a bauble on every branch of your tree. Why not? It’s Christmas!

Trees, trees, trees

Parquet bed | @lattes_with_lou

Are you struggling to decide on a single theme? Or maybe you feel like one tree doesn’t make the most of your space? Whether you buy two full-size firs or 10 mini ones, multiplying the number of trees can be a great way to solve a decorating dilemma.

Alternatively, try making use of your houseplants – while they may require more maintenance than the seasonal Christmas tree, potted plants such as poinsettias, cyclamens and hyacinths will stay with you all year round while still being festive.

Tree skirts

Hove TV unit | @at_the_windermere

If you want a tree that looks well-put-together but still explores colour and texture, use a tree skirt. Not only will the skirt cover unattractive tree stands, it’ll help to create that seamless look that marries the bottom of your tree with the star on top. Choose faux fur for a luxurious feel, or try a wicker skirt to emulate nature.

We can’t wait to see how you style your Christmas trees! Share your creations with us on Instagram using #OakFurnitureland

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