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Guide to choosing Mother’s Day flowers

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  • Post published:24 mars 2022
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While mother figures should be celebrated every day, we know that Mother’s Day is an extra special excuse to shower some affection. Flowers are a go-to choice for making a gesture that shows your care and are the ideal gift for sending from afar.

We chatted to Asta Foufas, Head of Product at Arena Flowers, to find out how to pick the best flowers for Mother’s Day bouquets so you can get organised for Sunday 27 March, plus she shares top tips for styling and making your blooms last longer.

Which flowers are in season in March?

Beautiful spring tulips are in abundance at this time of year and look striking on their own or arranged with other seasonal flowers or greenery.

What’s your most popular Mother’s Day bouquet?

Shay tallboy | Arena Flowers Mother’s Day Tulips | @rachel.ducker

From our letterbox collection, the Spring Favourites, a mix of delicate-scented hyacinths and pastel-coloured tulips, is a popular choice.

For the bouquets, it would either be the Mother’s Day Tulips, or the Darling Mum, which features arrangements of lisianthus, charmelia, roses and snapdragons in different shades of pink.

Is there a particular flower that’s on trend at the moment?

Rather than a specific variety, I would say fresh flowers in neutral colours with a soft toned palette are cropping up a lot. And of course there’s a big demand for ethical and sustainable flowers, something which Arena specialises in.

We’re also seeing a lot of dried flowers, a trend that’s back from the 80s, but now they are more stylish and beautiful.

How do you choose the right vase for displaying your blooms?

Shay tallboy | Arena Mother’s Day Tulips | @rachel.ducker

When picking the right vase, first consider the size of your bouquets. The length of the stems should be no more than one-and-a-half to two times the height of your selected vase. I find the most suitable shape for all bouquets is the hourglass vase, which is wide at the bottom and slightly flared at the top.

What are the basic rules of flower arranging?

Waldorf lamp | Arena Flowers Pretty in Pink bouquet | @layered.home

There are 5 basic rules to consider:

  • Balance: to maintain balance and create a look that’s visually appealing, when assembling your display, make sure you arrange the flowers so don’t have sides that look too crowded or too sparse.
  • Colour: whether you want bright yellow happy blooms, pretty pink blossoms, or a classic all-white bouquet, consider how colour will reflect the occasion and set the right mood.
  • Scale: think about the space where the arrangement or bouquet will go so you can decide how big or small to make your display.
  • Texture: try to use different varieties, including main flowers mixed with foliage or fillers, such as gypsophila, to cover any gaps in the arrangement.
  • Dominance: choose one dominant element, maybe your favourite flower, to create a harmonious look.

What are your top tips for making bouquets last longer?

  1. Use a squeaky clean vase
  2. 2. Fill the vase with the lukewarm water with the flower food provided
  3. Remove lower leaves, there should be no foliage below the water line
  4. Cut stems with a clean disinfected secateurs or scissors
  5. Keep flowers cool and away from fruit bowls
  6. Change water frequently and recut flowers every two days

Hopefully you now have plenty of ideas for arranging beautiful flowers for Mother’s Day and beyond. We’d love to see how you style flowers in your home. Tag us at #OakFurnitureland on Instagram. And for more flower inspiration, be sure to follow @arena_flowers or visit

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