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How to use a nest of tables

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A nest of tables is a small set of tables graduating in size that can be placed one over the other, usually without the legs touching. They have a multitude of practical and stylish uses in every home. Though often seen as a traditional choice, nesting tables can be stylish, modern and ideal for contemporary homes.

St Ives nest of tables (@edwardian_house_to_home)

Why should you use a nest of tables?

As they are stackable, nesting tables are the ideal space-saving furniture choice, especially if your room size is limited. You can easily move them around depending on your needs, and not have to worry about cluttering up your space. There are so many different styles on offer, and endless opportunities to decorate them according to your look.

The epitome of versatility, nesting tables can be stacked in a corner and then pulled out when visitors arrive offering a flexibility many other pieces can’t, whether you want to use them as extra storage for snacks and drinks or additional seats.

Nested tables can also serve as somewhere to put stunning decorative accessories to finish off your room. Find out how to decorate your nest of tables here. And if you’re still not convinced, here are seven reasons you need a nest of tables in your home.

Original Rustic nest of tables (@bradenham158)

How to arrange nesting tables

When you envisage a set of nesting tables, it’s likely that you’ll first imagine them in a living room situation. However, there are many other places you can use them.

Why not try using them to:

  • Replace nightstands in the bedroom
  • As kid-size surfaces for playrooms
  • Display make-up and your favourite products in the bathroom
  • Give additional side tables or spare seats in the lounge
  • Provide extra plant displays in the conservatory

Boston nest of tables (@our_great_glen_home)

The history of nested tables

Nested tables were invented in the 18th century by Edwardian Thomas Sheraton, who designed and manufactured what he called the quartetto table. Consisting of four stacking tables graduating in size, they were usually stored usually in the drawing room and used for needlepoint or checkers.. Initially extremely popular, they fell out of fashion for a while. However, nesting tables have since become popular and are a staple in many stylish homes.

Highgate dresser / Orrick nest of tables (@thediaryofanewbuild)

The modern nest of tables

Today, nesting tables aren’t exclusively a stack of three rectangular tables, but can instead be found in many contemporary and creative styles and have evolved to suit most decor. You can now get nesting tables in twos as well as threes, and find many different sizes to suit your needs. If you’re a fan of industrial style, circular nesting tables such as those shown below are ideal.

Detroit tall bookcase / Detroit large sideboard / Detroit nest of tables (@our_ascot_home_anwyl)

Do nesting tables come apart?

What sets this style apart from normal coffee tables or end tables is that they come apart, but are designed to be stackable. This means you can have two or three surfaces available if you need them, but they only take up a small amount of space.

Alto nest of tables (@thewilcoxhome)

So whatever your style or favourite decor, you can guarantee that you’ll find a nest of tables that will look great in your home. And, don’t be afraid to experiment with positioning and how you decorate it.

If you’re thinking of investing in this amazingly versatile piece of furniture, check out our range of classic and modern nesting tables.

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